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Where we came from…

The launching of Anchorage Printing, Inc. came in 1953 with the acquisition of the Anchorage Times’ old commercial printing equipment. With a staff of three the business took residency in downtown Anchorage. The equipment consisted of: two ancient linotype machines capable of setting six lines of type a minute; a Kelly B flat sheet press that could print two tabloid pages at a time; a Kluge automatic press; and a hand fed Chandler Price press used for business cards and minor jobs (the Chandler Price press is now found only in museums).

In December of 1966, Anchorage Printing, Inc. moved from downtown to midtown where it still resides today. With the new building so came new equipment such as a three unit Goss Community press and a folder that allowed a 24-page tabloid to print in a single run without having to hand gather and fold. The first rotary offset printing press in the State of Alaska was installed at Anchorage Printing, Inc.


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Where we’re going…

In 1999, Anchorage Printing, Inc. press grew to 13-units with a ribbon deck for specialized printing for the major retail stores. The 4-splicers and a massive automated ink system were also added. In 2003, came 8 new units consisting of 4, 4 highs and a total of 17 unites, giving unprecedented press capacity for Anchorage Printing, Inc. – nowhere to be found in the State of Alaska. The Largest full-color process Commercial Web press in Alaska is found at Anchorage Printing, Inc.!

In the winter of 2008, Anchorage Printing, Inc. upgraded to state-of-the-art technology with the Agfa CTP machine (Computer-to-Plate) with the result of providing better quality output with 0 dot gain, totally by-passing film.

2011 a new 5,000 square foot building was added to our property on the west side of the original building.  The original building received a complete remodel.  This addition to our footprint on Spenard increased our capabilities and allows larger print jobs and multiple print jobs to happen simultaneously.

2012 an additional insert was placed in the new building allowing for more than one insert job to happen at the same time and/or decrease the process time of our large insert projects.

2013 a Second CTP- State of the Art Digital Plate Processor was added to increase plate production and quality.

Today the crew of three has grown to a staff of over 30 and Anchorage Printing, Inc. takes great pride in its employees.